If you would like Northland Apartments Co., LLC to complete a 2016 WI Rent Certificate for you, we kindly request that you:

  1. Print out the attached 2016-RentCertificate.pdf

  2. Complete Renter – (Claimant) Information

  3. If you or a roommate had parking during your lease, please indicate it on a post-it-note which tenant paid for parking.

  4. Mail the form with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

    Founders 3 Real Estate Services 
    Attn: Northland Properties 2016 WI Rent Certificate
    252 E. Highland Ave.
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
  5. We complete Rent Certificate forms on a weekly basis. If you have any questions; do not hesitate to contact your community manager(s).